Steve Ibsen

Creative Director | Studio Art Director | Animation Director | Art Manager | Outsourcing Supervisor

Vision and art production on top-tier video games

* I build and manage incredible teams of artists, animators, and directors.  My production portfolio showcases the collaborative efforts of world-class artists brought on specifically for each project.

Production Portfolio

Life Beyond
Creative Director, Art Manager
Design | Modeling | Rigging | Animation | Unreal

Fashion League
Studio Art Director
Design | Modeling | Animation | Cinematics | Unity

Ark 2
Art Manager
Modeling | Rigging | Texturing | Unreal

Legions and Legends
Studio Head, Art Manager
Modeling | Rigging | Cloth Sim | Unreal

Call of Duty
Studio Art Director
Modeling | Animation | Cinematics | Key Art 

Studio Head, Art Manager
Design | Modeling | Rigging | Animation | Cinematics

Project Terra
Creative Director, Game Designer, Art Manager
Creative Direction | Game Design | Concept Art

Fortnite - Muerto Rojos
Game Designer, Level Designer
Game Design | Event Design | Level Design

Planet Mojo
Studio Head, Art Manager
Design | Modeling | Rigging | VFX | Unity

Creative Director, Art manager 
Drop Strategy | Collection Generation | 2D Production

Horizon's Edge
Creative Director, Art manager 
Game Design | Concept Art

Miscellaneous Projects
Creative Director, Studio Art Director, Art Manager
Concepts | Key Art | Character Design 

Starring You
Fashion Art Director, Art manager 
Fashion Design | 2D Production